• Self-conscious intelligence is a special gift of creation to humans. It is to be used wisely and nonviolently.
  • The coexistence of freedom and necessity, choice and inevitability is part of the deep structure of the universe.
  • All that nature has evolved is completely interconnected and interdependent.
  • A sense of wonder at the mystery and sanctity of nature is at the root of Reverential Ecology.
  • Continually recognizing and respecting the reciprocity and mutuality between generations is a key element in sustaining the harmonious turning of the universal "wheel of life."

2007: Transforming Mindscape
and Landscape

May 18-20, Joshua Tree Retreat Center with...
Sarah Crowell, Heather Flores, Randy Hayes, Scott Horton, Brad Lancaster, Andy Lipkis, Art Ludwig, Dennis Rivers, Vandana Shiva, Clayton Thomas-Miller, Randy Udall, Adam Wolpert... and you.  Renew your spirits and deepen your minds amidst the crystal blue skies and inspiring deserts of Joshua Tree. Join creative and innovative ecological thinkers, artists and activists, in a three-day intergenerational dialogue about the future of community design in the hot age.



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2004: Hidden Connections
An Intergenerational Forum on Science, Spirituality and Sustainable Living



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