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Frances Moore Lappé speaking on "Hope's Edge"  (40 min.)
to audience of college and university student activists re sustainability
at 2005 Inst. of Reverential Ecology Zaca Lake Conference

Frances Moore Lappé is author or co-author of fourteen books, including the three-million-copy bestseller Diet for a Small Planet. The co-founder of two national organizations that focus on food and the roots of democracy, in 1987 she became the fourth American to receive the Right Livelihood Award. Her recent books include Hope's Edge : The Next Diet for a Small Planet (written with daughter, Anna Lappé) and Democracy's Edge : Choosing to Save Our Country by Bringing Democracy to Life. (to be released Nov. 4, 2005)
     Frances Moore Lappé’s books have been used in a broad array of courses in hundreds of colleges and universities and in more than 50 countries. They have been translated into over a dozen languages.
     In 1987 in Sweden, Lappé became the fourth American to receive the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the “Alternative Nobel,” for her “vision and work healing our planet and uplifting humanity.” In her 30s, Lappé received the annual Mademoiselle magazine award, honoring young American women leaders. In 2000, she was inducted into Natural Health Magazine's Hall of Fame. In 2003 she received the Rachel Carson Award from the National Nutritional Foods Association. Lappé’s book awards include the World Hunger Media Award and the Henry George Award as well as, in 2003, the Nautilus Award for Hope’s Edge in the category of social change from NAPRA, the network of alternative publishers and retailers. She was also chosen in 2003 by artist Robert Shetterly as one of 50 Americans to be part of his traveling portrait exhibition, Americans Who Tell the Truth.

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Comments on Democracy's Edge:

    “Extraordinary. Frances Moore Lappé, the brilliant woman who broke upon the story of global hunger with her Diet for a Small Planet, has now burst forth with a provocative and exciting new approach to reviving democracy. She reminds us that a robust and wholesome democracy is what delivers a good life to a nation’s citizenry. Her challenge to us is to reinvigorate our thinking, to take individual actions, and to participate every day as citizens. She offers hope for those of us who believe that civic society is at the root of a health government.”   --Amy Domini, founder and CEO, Domini Social Investments

    “Frances Moore Lappé believes deeply that true democracy is more than simply as set of institutions or a political system. It is the active engagement and voice of ordinary citizens in the decisions that shape their lives and communities. Democracy’s Edge is an exciting and hopeful account of the rebirth of a living American democracy as people connect with each other around the country to solve problems and build a better society. An important part of that rebirth is a new and growing movement by people of faith who are putting their faith into action for the common good.”-- Jim Wallis, author, Gods Politics and editor, Call to Renewal