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Dr. Vandana Shiva speaking on "Creating a Sustainable Future" (40 min.)
to audience of college and university student activists re sustainability
at 2005 Inst. of Reverential Ecology Zaca Lake Conference

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned environmental thinker and activist, leader in the International Forum on Globalization, recipient of The Right Livelihood Award, and author of many books. The Progressive describes her as a burst of creative energy, an intellectual power.

"Sixteen years ago I founded the Research Foundation [for Science, Technology and Ecology] as a small independent initiative to do research in a participatory mode with people, not on them - and to do research with an interdisciplinary approach, - reflecting the interconnections in the web of life, not teaching them apart with reductionist violence. These 16 years of participatory action oriented ecological research have bought deep fulfillment - and triggered some changes in paradigms."

"Diversity is fast moving into the defining metaphor in place of monocultures of the mind. Ecofeminism has emerged as a serious challenge to Cartesian reductionism and the Baconian "rape of nature" as the "masculine mode" of knowing. Globalisation is however threatening to the ecological gains of the past few decades. It is therefore the defining context of our new engagements."