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2006 Retreat and Conference:  Ecology Art and Activism
An Intergenerational Celebration of Sustainability



2005: Creating A Sustainable Future  
Ecology, Ethics and Design





2004: Hidden Connections
An Intergenerational Forum on Science, Spirituality and Sustainable Living





Santa Barbara, USA: April, 2002

“The key to making this such a worthwhile event was its emphasis on ethics and morality. The anti-globalization [argument] has become predictable, which is a problem. By framing questions about [the relation between globalization and] ethics, morality and self-reflection, we are taking the discussion to another level.”

“Youth at the Millennium II provided so much — it brought us together and allowed for the networking vital to an effective movement for positive globalization to begin at a local level here among the groups in Santa Barbara. Sharing the experience of the wonderful speakers helps us to understand what we can do!”

“The intergenerational aspect was crucial as it gave the discussions more breadth and meaning. The approachability of the speakers was fantastic!”

“The wealth of information provided was invaluable. The energy was uplifting to a degree I never knew was achievable. The diversity of panelists was refreshing and the sincerity of presentation was delightful. I have never before participated in an event with my peers that gave me such a strong sense of solidarity, and hope for my generation and the future of humanity.”